Well, hello and thank you for visiting my page.

I’ve been writing for about 10 years now, have just completed a BA in English and Creative Writing and am shortly due to start a MA in Creative Writing.

After landing a job in a gin bar I became obsessed with the stuff. I was trying to work out how to marry my two passions and this was the result.

Being in the industry has opened doors to fabulous training sessions and the amount I’ve learnt in the short time I worked there surprised me. The enthusiasm I felt was almost compulsive and it’s not just me, I’ve stumbled across many a fellow gin fiend recently. It seems that gin really is something that people like to get stuck into.

As well as this, I’ve met some fabulous people within the industry that are happy to talk about their part and their distillation knowledge. Although I no longer work in the bar I’ve met lots of fellow fans and through twitter I’m able to organise visits to meet more distillers and try more gin.

Since I began this I have been working as Brand Ambassador, write for Gin Magazine and have also judged the World Gin Awards 2018, which was an incredible experience.

Let’s make this clear. I don’t claim to know more about gin than anyone else. I’ve drunk a lot of that beautiful libation and I love trying different gins and learning to distinguish their different flavours. However, I am humble to industry experts and always willing to learn something new. I am though, very much under the ginfluence, passionate about history, about flavour and story; how the distiller got started and why they chose the botanicals they chose. I’m a gin lover. And what I think I do best is share that love and enthusiasm.

I’m keen to share what I’ve been lucky to learn and I’m always thirsty for more so would love to speak to anyone with interest in the subject. So please do get in touch!

4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hi

    We’ve just come across your fab blog and would absolutely love to invite you to our new distillery in Medway, Kent. Following a three year restoration and refurb project of the historic Victorian Pump House No. 5, Copper Rivet Distillery opened its doors to the public in late 2016. We now offer tours of the distillery which produces a range of small batch, handcrafted premium quality gin, whisky, vodka, and unaged spirits from scratch, in bespoke stills from locally sourced high quality Kentish grain.

    If you think it would be of interest to pop by our distillery, meet the team and try some of our premium spirits we’d love to set something up.

    Contact details are listed below.

    Many thanks

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    1. Hello Gemma! Thanks ever so much for getting in contact. I’d love to come visit. Having connections with Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Chatham would be a fantastic place to come visit. The distillery looks beautiful! I’ll find an email address on your site and ping something over.
      Many thanks


  2. Hi there!

    I met you at the London Gin Festival on Saturday afternoon (your masterclass was wonderful, and it was a pleasure to meet you!), where we discussed the possibility of submitting a gin hot toddy recipes.

    I’ve created a couple based around elements of Tinker gin’s flavour profiles, one Spanish leaning, one more oriental. Unfortunately, I lost your business card, so wondered what was the best way of getting them to you?

    Best wishes,


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